What We Do.

Flexible tech education programs.

Coded by U provides schools, nonprofits and government agencies with tech education programs that focus on software engineering, digital design and data science.

Examples of our programs include high school coding classes, tech-focused workforce development programs for government agencies, and web development classes integrated into nonprofit service offerings.

The Need.


The cost of higher education and the related debt
is rising faster than starting salaries for college graduates.

Inadequate elementary, middle and high school computer science programs
aren’t preparing our children for a tech driven workforce.

Current workforce development programs are training men and women for jobs that don’t pay
a living wage and set the bar for success at participants gaining employment, not at participants gaining quality employment.

The growing need
for tech talent is going unanswered.


For Schools

Coded by U works with public, private, and charter schools to implement in school and/or after school programs. Our engaging project-based curriculum teaches students programming, software engineering and digital design concepts through hands on projects.

For Nonprofits

Coded by U works with nonprofit organizations to implement coding, software engineering and digital design focused tech education programs for their clients and communities. We give nonprofits the ability to expand their offerings through engaging project based programs.

Program examples include, summer camps for youth organizations, enrichment programs for organizations focused on at risk teenagers and career preparation programs for workforce development organizations.

For Government Agencies

We develop programs that are designed to increase the workforce development scope and capacity of state and local government agencies. With the ability to integrate these programs into existing government infrastructure, our programs aid cities and states in increasing their tech talent pool.