About Us

Our Organization

Coded by U is a tech education provider focused on teaching software engineering, data science, and digital design to youth and adults. Our flexible model gives us the ability to implement programs almost anywhere while easily adapting to the needs of our partners. Examples of our programs include high school coding classes, tech-focused workforce development programs for government agencies, and web development classes integrated into non-profit service offerings.

Our Mission

Coded by U is committed to providing highly rigorous project based tech education programs that give students real world skills, while teaching them how to apply those skills to solve real world problems.

Our Social Mission

We work to increase diversity in the tech industry by eliminating access and cost barriers to tech education for traditionally underrepresented groups. Not only do we provide accessible and affordable education programs, but we combine these offerings with the support and mentorship necessary to successfully pursue opportunities in the tech industry.

Our Partnership With Coded by Kids

Coded by U was orginally created as a Coded by Kids program designed to provide low-to-middle income adults with affordable and flexible coding-focused education classes. Now a separate for profit company, Coded by U is the for profit partner of Coded by Kids. As the for profit partner Coded by U shares resources with Coded by Kids and maintains a financial commitment by donating a portion of Coded by U profits to Coded by Kids. Coded by U and Coded by Kids often run programs together as well.